Content Contributors

Neuro-Compass is developed by leading experts for healthcare professionals with an interest in MS

Dr Päivi Hämäläinen
Dr Päivi Hämäläinen Neuropsychologist, Head of Psychology Department, Head of Rehabilitation Centre
Kitty Harrison
Kitty Harrison Clinical Nurse Specialist
Professor Jan Hillert
Professor Jan Hillert Chair of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience
Professor Reinhard Hohlfeld
Professor Reinhard Hohlfeld Professor of Neurology
Professor Tomas Olsson
Professor Tomas Olsson Professor in Neurology
Lars Paludan-Müller
Lars Paludan-Müller Director of “Capacity Mind”
Dr Jalesh Panicker
Dr Jalesh Panicker Consultant Neurologist
Professor Fredrik Piehl
Professor Fredrik Piehl Professor/Senior Physician
Dr Àlex Rovira
Dr Àlex Rovira Neuroradiologist, Director of Neuroradiology
Dr Jonatan Salzer
Dr Jonatan Salzer Resident Neurologist
Professor Neil Scolding
Professor Neil Scolding Director, University of Bristol Institute of Clinical Neuroscience
Dr Charlotte Teunissen
Dr Charlotte Teunissen Associate Professor
Dr Anja Thormann
Dr Anja Thormann Neurology Specialist (in training)
Dr Patrick Vermersch
Dr Patrick Vermersch Vice-Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Professor Angela Vincent
Professor Angela Vincent Emeritus Professor of Neuroimmunology
Dr Marcus D'Souza
Dr Marcus D'Souza Head of Neurostatus-UHB and Senior Physician Department of Neurology
Professor Nicola De Stefano
Professor Nicola De Stefano Professor of Neurology
Dr Nikos Evangelou
Dr Nikos Evangelou Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology and Head of Service for Neurology
Dr Paul Gallagher
Dr Paul Gallagher Senior Neurology Registrar
Dr James Overell
Dr James Overell Principal Global Medical Director
Professor Dr Wolfgang Brück
Professor Dr Wolfgang Brück Chairman of the Executive Board of the University Medical Center and Dean of the Medical Faculty