Professor Peter Feys
Professor Peter Feys Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy

Peter Feys is a Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy and has clinical experience in the treatment of patients with neurological deficits, and specifically with MS. He worked as clinical therapist in Bürgerspital Solothurn (CH), the University Hospitals Leuven and the National MS Centre in Melsbroek, and has been involved in MS research since 1998, funded by European projects, WOMS (Flemish MS Society) and the Fund for Scientific Research, Flanders.

Prof Feys is currently professor at the University of Hasselt, and is part of the REVAL rehabilitation research institute within BIOMED. His current research focusses on assessment and rehabilitation for gait and upper limb function, motor fatigue, motor imagery, upper limb rehabilitation (including the use of technology: and community self-directed training in persons with MS, stroke and Parkinson’s disease; this had led to the publication of >75 peer-reviewed articles.

Internationally, he is president of RIMS (, after his time as Chairman of the Special Interest Group on Mobility (2008–2011). Prof Feys also serves as a management committee member in the COST action TD1006 (European Network on Robotics for NeuroRehabilitation, 2011–2015), a scientific committee member of the Italian MS Society (AISM/FISM), editorial board member of Multiple Sclerosis Journal, secretary of ‘Move to Sport’ ( and a member of the ‘MS Steunfonds’ (MS Society Flanders).

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